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Espresso Accessories



Espresso Accessories

Pullman Chisel Distribution Tool


From Pullman website: Brief: After many prototypes, we are pleased to bring you The Pullman Chisel redistribution Tool. The aim was to improve distribution consistency by maximising sideways movement of the coffee grounds, with minimal downward pressure. In other words, tamping the least amount of coffee to maximise coffee distribution. No matter the depth set, for [...]

Espresso Accessories

Pullman Filtration Basket


PULLMAN FILTRATION BASKETS Description: Our focus has always been customer satisfaction, attention to detail and premium quality products and service. We have always matched and machined our tamper bases to fit supplied or purchased filter baskets (precision or otherwise). This service is still high on our list of priorities. The single largest problem with this [...]

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Espresso Accessories

Pullman Palm Handle


Pullman Palm Handle can be connected with chisel base, bigstep base or pullman barista base  

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Pullman Palm Handle with Bigstep Base