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Water Filtration

BWT Pressure Regulator


BWT Pressure Reducer / Regulator FS00Y80A00 M3/8″ x F3/8″ / 2 – 8 Bar This inline valve can be used to reduce incoming pressure to your espresso machine or water filtration system. The reducer can be used to regulating incoming pressure between 2 – 8 bar and includes an F 3/8″ BSP fitting so it [...]

Water Filtration

BWT Besthead Flex


Product information

  • Filter head with innovative FLEX connector technology
  • Fits all BWT water+more filter cartridges
  • With integrated venting valve
  • For installation anywhere, particularly where space is tight
  • Extensive FLEX connector technology available, in a range of dimensions

Water Filtration

BWT Aquameter


BWT’s Aquameter is an accessory that can be fitted to their filter head to monitor the flow of water in your filter cartridge. With just two buttons and an LCD screen, the Aquamater can easily be programmed with your water hardness and will track the total volume of water in gallons. Once it has been [...]

Water Filtration

BWT Besttaste X


Product information

  • Filtration system to remove ‘off-flavour‘ elements and chlorine from mains water
  • Highly effective activated carbon filter
  • Guaranteed removal of particles and particulate matter
  • High sensory quality of the filtered water

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Water Filtration

BWT Bestmax Premium M


Product information

  • Filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector
  • Patented Mg2+ technology
  • Reliable limescale protection and high sensory water quality
  • Perfect water for all hot drinks and a pleasant-tasting cold drink


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